Need A Specialist? Signs Your Child Should See A Pediatric ENT Doctor

Winter is coming. It's time to get ready for seasonal colds. This is especially true with regard to young kids. It's not uncommon for kids to get several colds throughout the cold and flu season. In most cases, your child will only need plenty of rest and fluids to recover from a seasonal cold. But, there are some health problems that require more than rest and fluids. Some of those issues need a trip to the pediatric ENT doctor. Read the list provided below. If your child is experiencing any of the issues, schedule an appointment with a pediatric ENT doctor.  


It's not uncommon for kids to get a nosebleed from time to time. Vigorous playing and roughhousing can trigger a nosebleed. A change in the weather can also trigger nosebleeds. In most cases, those types of nosebleeds will resolve themselves in a matter of minutes. If your child is getting frequent nosebleeds, and the bleeding doesn't resolve itself quickly, it's time to visit a pediatric ENT. 

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections can leave your child feeling downright miserable. Unfortunately, sinus infections can be a common occurrence during the winter months. If your child experiences frequent sinus infections during the winter, schedule an appointment with an ENT. There could be an underlying issue that's causing the sinus infections. You should also take your child to an ENT if your child develops a snoring problem. 

Hearing Difficulties

If you've noticed trouble with your child's hearing, now's the time to visit a pediatric ENT doctor. Hearing problems can affect every aspect of your child's life. Ear infections can cause temporary hearing loss. Fluid in the ears can also cause problems with hearing. A pediatric ENT doctor can identify the cause of the hearing loss. This ensures that your child will receive the treatment they need for their hearing. 

Trouble Swallowing

If your child has trouble swallowing, take them to an ENT. Throat infections can make it difficult for your child to swallow. This is especially true with regards to tonsillitis, or strep throat. But, there are other reasons why your child might have difficulty swallowing. Conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease or connective tissue disorders can cause pediatric dysphasia. That's why it's important that you visit a pediatric ENT as soon as your child has trouble swallowing. 

If your child is struggling with any of the issues listed above, talk to a pediatric ENT doctor right away.

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